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Like therapy for your hair, Intuitive Beauty nurtures your true nature and gives you space and guidance to uncover the hair is an emotional fabric that speaks to who you truly are, from the inside and out.

Awaken your true essence and reveal you are a conscious soul, resulting in a beautiful, lifestyle image that represents the true you.


Intuitive beauty nurtures your true nature and gives you a safe space, guidance, and self-discovery to fall in love with your true essence.

“I embrace everyone’s inner beauty, and I love to do so. You become my muse the moment you take a seat in my chair.”



*All sessions are available online or in person.

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This Intuitive Beauty ONE ON ONE consultation is for anyone looking for a fresh, on-trend lifestyle boost.

Meleesa uses her eye, experience, intuition and training to work her magic and will create a mini inspiration board which she will provide to you within 48 hours of the session, in order to serve as a reference guide for yourself and/or your current hairstylist.

If you can visualize it, you can manifest it!

Partner with Meleesa to discover, nurture and elevate your natural beauty. Together, you will:

· Explore hair colors to compliment your facial structure and balance your skin tones

· Discover the hair shapes and styles that best enhance your best features

· Receive counsel and suggestions regarding ideal products to support your daily hair ritual

· Gain clarity on your hair goals and create a road map to taking manageable steps toward meeting them

· Move forward with confidence, shining from the inside out


35 minutes - $75
* In salon or via Facetime

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Let Meleesa coach you in person with her expertise in this one on one , hands-on hairstyling lesson.

Perks include:

· Gaining confidence in your daily hair styling routine

· Learning the small foundational tips and tricks that make a big difference

· Breaking through any hair-related challenges and lightening the load of your daily hair ritual

· Developing your techniques for managing your hair texture, and your awareness around the hows and whys of your particular hair

· Mastering the principles for making every day a Great Hair Day

In this customized session, Meleesa will empower and guide you on all things hair-related, from a foundational blowout to reinventing your up-dos and down-styles.

Are you ready to channel your inner hair artist? Let’s set a hair date!

75 minutes - $175
* Only available in salon

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This session invites you to rediscover your essence. Whether it’s time for a fresh look, a reinvention of your image or some internal growth and reflection, get in touch with the parts of yourself that yearn for expression, while providing tools for your personal expansion.

You will journey through:

· a mini tarot reading

· a guided visualization meditation

· work with crystals, breath work and essential oils

· scalp massage and Crown Chakra opening

· conversation and personal goal-setting

· releasing ceremony

Emerge with a clear understanding of how to physically manifest the practices, style and image that best embody the true you.


A La Carte - 75 minutes $200

ADD an Intuitive Haircut -180 Minutes $350


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