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Like therapy for your hair, Intuitive Beauty nurtures your true nature and gives you the space and guidance to uncover the hair is an emotional fabric that speaks to who you truly are, from the inside and out.

Awaken your true essence and reveal your conscious soul, resulting in a beautiful,lifestyle image that represents the true you.

The Intuitive Beauty Sessions #meleesathesalon #hairstylist #consciousbeauty

Intuitive beauty nurtures your true nature and gives you a safe space, guidance and self discovery to fall in love with your true essence.

“I embrace everyone’s inner beauty, and I love to do so. You become my muse the moment you take a seat in my chair.”



*All sessions are available online or in person.

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A personalized journey of self-discovery, this initial session invites you to tap into your inner voice and rediscover the true you.

If you are looking for a fresh look, wanting to reinvent your image, going though a growth period in life  or wanting to rediscover and uplift your inner muse this session is a MUST for you.

Through a mini tarot reading, a guided visualizing meditation, crystal work, essential oils, scalp massage, conversation and personal goal-setting, you will emerge with a clear vision of how to physically manifest the look and image that embodies your TRUE YOU.


A La Carte - 90 minutes $250

ADD an Intuitive Haircut -180 Minutes $425

Discover - personal expression #consciousbeauty #intuitivebeauty #hairstylist


If you are wanting to see the big picture and have a tangible visual tool to help clarify, concentrate and maintain focus on a specific life goal; this session is for you!

Create a vision of personal expression through this conscious vision boarding session, designed to connect you to the creative awareness of your own unique inner beauty to uplift and express your physical beauty.

Vision. : the ability to see : something that you imagine : a picture that you see in your mind


60 minutes - $175

Empower - Conscious beauty #hairstylist #confidence #lifecoaching #haircoaching


Gain confidence in your daily HAIR STYLING routine so your hair looks like you just came from the salon everyday!  Let Meleesa coach you through a HANDS-ON guided ONE-ON-ONE HAIR STYLING LESSON.  Learn the tips and tricks on how to do a simple blowout, to daily hair care fundamentals. Leave feeling confident and ready to channel you inner hair artist every morning!

60 minutes - $175
* Only available in salon


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