Anahatha: Heart Chakra Amulet

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Anahatha: Heart Chakra Amulet.png

Anahatha: Heart Chakra Amulet

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The Anahatha is the Heart Chakra. Its power is the innate knowledge of unity, devotion and universal Love. Through my connection with the Divine I know True Love.

I love, I am loved.

Focusing our energy on this chakra bestows upon us the experience of love, balance, compassion and emotional well being.

The element of this chakra is Air. The color of the Anahatha is green. The stone used is Green Tourmaline.

Known as an electromagnetic stone, Green Tourmaline is considered a master healer. Tourmaline opens the creative elements of the heart, adding an emotional depth to one's creations. Wearing it attracts love, friendship, abundance peace and courage.

The mantra for this chakra, as shown in Sanskrit on the reverse side of your amulet is yam.

Copper with Fused 24K Gold, 1 1 /4" diameter

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