Ajana: Third Eye Chakra Amulet

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Anja  - Third eye chakra.png

Ajana: Third Eye Chakra Amulet

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This chakra is the Third Eye. The Ajana allows us to see the big picture and is a window to cosmic Knowledge. I perceive, I am wise.

Light informs my awareness. I live my life with illuminated clarity.

Focusing our energy on this chakra reveals to us an experience of peace, intuition, and inner awareness. The element of this chakra is Light.

The color of the Ajana is violet or indigo

The stone used is AMETHYST. The stone of Peace and Dreams, Amethyst assists in spiritual and psychic opening. This powerful gemstone supports creativity, courage, happiness, intuition, and self esteem in our lives.

The mantra for this chakra, as shown in Sanskrit on the reverse side of your amulet is om

All of our Chakra jewelry and Sacred jewelry is blessed by Mata.

Copper with Fused 24K Gold, 1 1/4" diameter

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